Europe's preferred supplier of lifting straps and lashing equipment

We keep focus

AGON Techsupply and AGON Engineering ensure maximum focus on our customers' needs

AGON Techsupply is Scandinavia’s largest supplier of lifting slings and we are on our way to becoming Europe’s largest. This journey is important so that we can continue to focus on efficiency and reduced unit costs in the future as well. Thus, we ensure competitive products for our customers. We can also ensure focus on product development, within this narrow segment, and stay focused on quality and user-friendliness. A good example is our QR info system which gives our customers direct access to certificates and documentation.

AGON Engineering supports our customers with machines and auxiliary equipment that can contribute to efficient and safe production flow. We have developed a number of standard products and are constantly adding new and groundbreaking solutions.

Niche products

AGON does not have the wide range of lifting products. We focus on a few products, here we are experts!

Proven quality

As the only ones on the market, AGON delivers test certificates on all self-produced products. It’s AGON, and it’s APPROVED!

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