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Europe's preferred supplier of lifting slings and lashing equipment

Who we are

The company was founded as a trading company in 2000. Since then the company has experienced strong and positive growth and today we have our own production facilities in the Far East, combined with a strong network of reliable suppliers in Europe.

AGON Lifting is a specialist independent developer, manufacturer and distributor of lifting and load-securing systems, including textile, wire and chain lifting slings. We deliver quality products to small and large companies – our products are used all over the world, wherever there is a need for reliable lifting equipment.

When you need the ideal solution

We provide a standard range of quality products and continuously develop new lifting and load-securing solutions for our customers. Our product development is market driven: We always base solutions on customers needs and incorporate expert knowledge in the relevant stages of the value chain. We then manufacture and deliver the product that precisely meets the customers needs. Whether you need a standard solution or a new product, we deliver a solution that focuses on quality and safety.


Our product range includes: Webbing sling, round slings, endless webbing slings, lifting chains, wire rope slings, cargo control, lashings and specialized equipment


We can adapt our standard solutions, or develop new solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether it is by increasing your efficiency, safety or automating your production, we can solve the task for you.

Our products must be safe to use in every situation and all times!

This is why we focus on quality in everything that we do, whether it is product development, process optimization, quality assurance, distribution or consultation. Our efficient quality assurance system ensures that we are in full control of the entire manufacturing process – from design and purchase of raw materials, to the final product.

Naturally, our quality assurance system includes complete testing and certification, ensuring that all of the regulatory requirements are met. Our customers know they do not have to worry about safety and regulatory requirements – because we have ensured they have been met.

Here you can see some of the markets in which AGON operates

Our quality statement

Our customers shall essentially observe that AGON provides high quality and lives up to its own values.

Our customers can rest assured that AGON delivers safe products that meet all safety norms and official requirements and that AGON provides users with the product information they need.

In product development, process optimisation, quality management, distribution and consultancy work, we focus on the quality of everything we engage in.

We operate an efficient quality management system that ensures that we have full control of the entire production process – from design through raw materials sourcing to the finished product.

Our quality management system includes test and certification to ensure that all official requirements are met. Our customers have no need to worry about safety and official regulations. They know we take care of these matters.

We shall therefore:
  • Live up to our own values.
  • Consistently develop IT solutions that ensure that our customers have easy and direct access to relevant information, e.g. instructions for use and certificates.
  • Provide products that comply with our technical specifications and official requirements.
  • Consistently improve and optimise every process and reduce costs.
  • Ensure that our employees are fully trained and can perform their work responsibly. This also applies to outsourced functions.
  • Ensure that our suppliers and partners are aware of
    • our values and policies, and prepared to work to comply with them.
    • our stringent quality, packing and documentation requirements.
  • Offer our customers training so that they can use our products safely.
About Agon

Scandinavia’s largest supplier of lifting slings and your preferred supplier of production equipment
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