Mission, vision and values

Credibility, productivity and independence

Our products always remain competitive in terms of quality, price and service. Our customers know that we supply the agreed product at the agreed quality and to the agreed deadline. We are a reliable supplier and this provides our customers with peace of mind and security.

We produce efficiently, eliminate costly intermediaries and optimise administrative processes. Our organization is geared toward flexibility across the entire value chain, so we can quickly adjust to the changing needs of the market.

We are productive and we have created a scalable company. This benefits everyone. This benefits everyone! We are innovative in our thinking and in our approach and are not trapped in a financial straightjacket. So we are free to move in new directions in our efforts to find the ideal solution. We are independent and we deliver high-quality, cost-effective products quickly and efficiently.

It isn’t just words.
We do what we say!


We offer a specialized range of lifting, handling and load-restraint solutions for selected target groups.

At AGON, we aim to lead the market within selected target groups and focus our resources on them.

AGON customers prefer to have a consistent and lasting cooperation with us because we always operate in compliance with our core values.

AGON products are renowned for always meeting specified safety norms and official requirements. AGON assumes responsibility for these on the customers behalf. AGON assumes responsibility for these on the customers behalf.

At AGON, we select our partners and suppliers based on their capacity and willingness to contribute to compliance with AGONs vision and values. We prefer lasting relationships to one-off deals.


Working with a specific target group, AGON strives to become the preferred provider of selected packing and handling solutions.

AGON offers solutions as opposed to products. With our customers, we strive constantly to develop solutions that promote rational production processes in customer operations.

We aim to contribute to the development of sustainable solutions.

Our core values



We are productive. We produce efficiently, eliminate costly intermediaries and optimise administrative processes.

To ensure that we adapt to changing market requirements, our organization is agile in all links of the value chain. We focus on making every link scalable.



We are trustworthy partners. When it comes to quality, prices and service, AGON is always the best choice of supplier and business partner over time. When working with our customers, we seek to understand their needs and find the best possible solutions.

Our customers must know that we walk the extra mile to ensure delivery of the product on time and in high quality. We are a reliable supplier and this provides our customers with peace of mind and security.


Customer focus

Our customers take precedence over in-house factors. When customers interact with AGON, they never have reason to doubt that they are our top priority. Customers find they get a rapid response.

In-house factors are never an excuse for not meeting high standards of trustworthiness. We are honest and rational in the dialogue with our customers.



In the dialogue with our customers, we seek to find solutions. Down even to the smallest of details, we strive consistently to improve and ensure more efficient production for customers.

Our customers must feel that we are responsive to their specific issues.



We have broken the chains of convention. In relation to our market and development, we seek to be more innovative than our competitors.

Our customers shall find that AGON offers new solutions and methods that can help to create greater total production and profits for both parties.



We are fair and reasonable in all our dealings with customers, employees and partners.

Agreements made orally or in writing shall be upheld. Even when the law is on AGONs side, we always assess the fairness of our decisions.

Lasting partnerships are always more important than instant profits or savings.



We seek to maintain our independence. We believe that alliances between free and independent enterprises provide the best opportunities for rational, efficient and profitable cooperation. This also applies to the relationship between the company and its employees.

Financial independence offers us the freedom to seek out new paths towards strong solutions.

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