Through many years of close cooperation with our customers, AGON Techsupply has managed to further develop textile lifting straps.

Several are our actions are protected with appropriate IP-rights.

AGON QR info-system®

In general, the demand for documentation is increasing from both end-users and the authorities. AGON has decided to meet that demand by means of a unique QR scanning system.
Therefore, all AGON slings are marked with a QR code. You can thus access all relevant documentation directly by using the QR code, which can be scanned with a smart phone or tablet.

Each individual batch, i.e. production series, has its own unique ID number and QR code; in that way, our users have direct access to test certificates, manuals and other kinds of relevant information.

If you do not have access to a smartphone, the unique ID number is listed on the brand label and can be entered here on the website above.


Textile slings from AGON can be ordered as AGON GRIP®, which are extra soft slings that are more comfortable to work with and also provide a unique ”bite” around the load, providing a better holding ability.

AGON GRIP® has been developed over many years and is manufactured by means of a unique process management system involving several production steps. Our customers greatly appreciate our unique soft slings and their uniform quality.


– A clear green profile!

AGON slings can be used over and over. When the sling is outworn, it can either be recycled or it can be used as a source for heat production.

It is possible to reduce society’s dependency on oil by recycling e.g. polyester products, including AGON slings.

When polyester enters a closed-loop recycling system as part of the circular economy, the quality of the recycled product, unlike in the past, is just as high as when it was first produced. And it benefits the environment by consuming 84% less energy and emitting 77% less greenhouse gases.

Polyester is a plastic material produced from oil and natural gas. Consequently, polyester is an excellent fuel source for incinerators, providing clean combustion. When polyester is incinerated in e.g. combined heat and power plants, society benefits, because the generated energy is used to produce electricity and heat.

AGON has initiated several development projects leading to an even more effective and efficient use of resources.


– When Quality is a Matter of Honour

AGON slings must be safe in all situations and at all times; our customers must be able to count on that.

Therefore, we are happy to verify the high quality of our products. AGON is the only company on the market which provides test certificates for every product we ourselves have produced. It is AGON, and it is APPROVED!

Naturally, AGON’s quality assurance system includes complete testing and certification, ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met.

Our customers know that they don’t have to worry about safety and regulatory requirements – because we have taken care of that.


AGON’s customers can choose deliveries directly from production DIRECT or via our warehouse ON DEMAND.

DIRECT: When orders are delivered directly from the production facility, costs are minimized and a container is delivered directly to the customer’s address. It is the most inexpensive method of delivery but it requires that the customer is able to handle the unloading of the container. The container is normally delivered with a side loader and must be emptied immediately.

Please note that once the production of the slings has started, it is difficult to change the time of delivery or the delivery address. If the shipping company allows it, the delivery address can be changed if you pay the extra fee that the shipping company is going to charge.

ON DEMAND: The majority of our customers prefer this method of delivery where delivery takes place via our warehouse. The container is emptied in our warehouse and the goods then wait for the customer. The customers can pick up their goods themselves or let AGON deliver the order on pallets to the relevant address. Depending on the agreement, pallets or containers can be stored in our modern warehouse until the customer wants them delivered. This gives our customers great flexibility and they often appreciate that we allow great variability in delivery patterns.