AGON Reinforced

AGON had been in dialogue with our customers for several years about producing affordable lifting slings that were at the same time more resistant to sharp edges and squeezing during transport.

The task could be solved with expensive materials – but since several customers had a rather large consumption of slings, this route was not economically viable.

The solution was a very special production method and construction of the strap, which provides a natural resilience.

Today, up to 1 million slings have been manufactured as AGON REINFORCED and the product is used by happy customers all over Europe, who order the product again and again – for AGON, this is the best seal of quality we can achieve.

The invention is protected by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office registration BR 2013 00158

As our regular customers know; It is deep within AGON’s DNA that we must help strengthen our customers’ competitiveness. It is also formulated in our vision and values.

Therefore, it was a great pleasure that one of our large customers challenged us with a task that read:


“We use 2 tonnes of double-laid lifting slings, although the bundles could most often be handled legally by 1 ton of slings. The reason is, that we do not want to risk fatal cuts of the slings during transport. The current solution is expensive, so help us with a more economically profitable solution – without compromising on safety! ”

Our approach to the task was to further develop the double-laid 2 ton lifting sling and we also came up with possible savings in the level of 5 – 10 %, not bad. The customer was happy, but the end-customers were not completely satisfied, something they shared with AGON´’s development department who thought we could do even better!

We decided to see if our reinforced sling AGON REINFORCED® could do the job, the gain would be gigantic for the customer.

We tested that solution in a closed loop – with excellent results.

Together with the customer, we decided to do a Field test with an end-customer, so we got an overview from the production to delivery and unloading on the construction site. Again excellent results!

Now the solution has been rolled out in full scale and has been working for a few years. The result is still excellent, no damage has been reported as a result of the new solution. Ongoing inspections show a unique resistance to cutting and squeezing during transport.

Now comes the best: The customer has achieved a saving of 40%

This shows how far one can go, through a long and trusting collaboration.

It must be emphasized that AGON REINFORCED® also naturally has its limitations and can be cut and destroyed by squeezing. In operation, the product has proven to be significantly more resistant than standard endless slings, but must be inspected and treated like any other sling and used with care.

Further information from Kent Hedemann at or by phone +45 7020 9840