From pallets to BIG BAGs

AGON also contributes to meeting the 17 goals for sustainable development set by the UN in September 2015

(Specifically ”OBJECTIVE 8: Decent work and economic growth, OBJECTIVE 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure, OBJECTIVE 12: Responsible consumption and production.)

One of our initiatives is to influence the transition from traditional pallet and pallet frames to the use of PP (polypropylene) big bags. One may wonder how it can be enviromentally friendly to switch from “sustainable” wooden pallets to plastic-based materials? However, a comprehensive CO2 emission analysis shows that there is a significant saving on, but not limited to, CO2 emissions from transporting pallets to the processing plant and returning them from the construction site. In addition, big bags are in themselves recyclable.

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To make this transition easier for you as a customer, AGON has provided the necessary production tools. The cartoon below shows how our system works.

1) Stirrups are picked up by our purpose built belt conveyor at the bending machine and transported to the big bag which is filled automatically.

Manual filling of big bags is easily arranged with our custom developed bag holder which ensures the operator’s ergonomics and high productivity.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, using big bags can also save you money! The purchase price is lower, the time used for handling incoming pallets, invoicing, inspection of return pallets, is eliminated, and storage space is freed up.

For AGON, the change from pallets to large bags is a “no brainer” – It benefits both the environment and your bottom line!

2) After filling, the big bag remains on the pallet, which makes internal transport easy and avoids potential damage to the bags.

The pallets become an internal tool that does not leave the factory.

3) When loading, the bags can be easily moved from pallets to truck with crane or forklift using the built-in lifting eyes.

At the construction site, unloading is just as easy.
At the construction site, the bags are scrapped as waste or handled as recyclable waste ready for later processing.

Benefits of AGON setup

  1. Eliminates the need for pallets and frames
    – Saves time spent on pallet returns, inspections, dedicated invoicing, etc.
    Freeing up storage space as pallets and frames does not need to be stored to the same extent
    – A reduced CO2 footprint!
  2. Improved safety for operators at the stirrup machine
    – Avoid direct contact between operator and machine
    – Buffer function – lower stress factor for the operator
  3. Improved throughput
    – Buffer function allows the operator to run several machines simultaneously
    – Quick change of pallets and installation of big bags

Solutions that fits you!

AGON Engineering is currently working on several other tools to help your business and ensure your profitability. Of course, we are also ready to help you develop tools to suit your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need sparring or have a good idea you want to make a reality.

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