Warum sollten Sie AGON für Ihre Big-Bag-Anforderungen wählen?

AGON takes pride in being a trusted FIBC supplier, known for delivering top-quality products and exceptional service.

Our production is ISO 9001, 14000, and 22000 certified, along with OHSAS 18001 certification. 
Additionally, we are BRC certified and adhere to HACCP procedures, risk analysis, and more.

At AGON, we can provide you with Big Bags that perfectly fit your production needs. We actively engage in helping you find the best solution. Moreover, at AGON, you will find a combination of quality and price that aligns perfectly. We all know the feeling of buying something too cheap and regretting it later.

The importance of choosing the right Big Bag supplier:

Since Big Bags do not require CE marking or testing for each production, it is crucial to choose the right supplier whom you trust. AGON can be your trusted partner as we have many years of experience in producing lifting straps, and we have transferred many of our testing requirements to our Big Bags.

The danger of choosing the wrong Big Bag supplier can be fatal, as per EU legislation. The responsibility lies with the user (YOU) and not your supplier since a Big Bag is considered a load-bearing item and not a lifting accessory like lifting straps that require CE marking.

Areas we can design and produce Big Bags for:
Chemical industries
Steel industries
Pharmaceutical industries
Food-based industries – Ensuring compliance with all processes, including HACCP procedures and risk analysis.
Industries that require handling fine powders.

Feel free to reach out to AGON to discuss your specific requirements and let us provide you with the perfect Big Bag solution for your needs.


Cross corner loops

Four courner belt

Point strap lifting loops

Top options

Open top

Duffle skirt top

Flap top

Fill spout

Comcal top fill spout

Bottom options

Discharge spout


Cone discharge spout

Flap duffle