Cassation criteria for lifting chains

Cassation criteria for AGON chains

Chains must be inspected at each use, this is the responsibility of the cutter. All chains must also undergo an annual inspection. After inspection, a new date marking must be stated on that marking plate, or this must be marked with the year color and the result must be recorded.

AGON requirements, visual and function tests
Current legislation lays down minimum requirements for the control and inspection of lifting chains. The following is a procedure for checking every 12 months. It should be emphasized that chain inspections must be more frequent than every 12 months if:

  • Intensive use takes place, with great wear and tear as a result.
  • The chains have been subjected to increased corrosion.
  • The chains are used in particularly harsh environments or have been exposed to strong heat or chemicals.
The chains must be taken out of service immediately and sent for inspection if:
  • The tag has fallen off.
  • The chains have been subjected to lifting in a twisted state.
  • There are visible signs of breakage, cracks, discoloration due to heat, notches, grooves, elongation and the like.
For visual inspection of chains, these must be discarded or repaired when: