Cassation criteria for wire straps from AGON

Straps must be inspected at each use, this is the responsibility of the harvester. All wire straps must also undergo an annual inspection. After inspection, a new date marking must be stated and the result must be recorded.

If the strap meets one or more of these criteria, the strap must be taken out of use:
1) Lack of labeling

Standards and local regulations require specific information, including maximum load, on the label or stamp in press fitting. Therefore, it must be present.

2) Exceeded date or missing date marking.

It must always be stated in the strap when it last underwent the mandatory annual inspection. If the strap is new, it must not be marked with the date of commissioning, if the production date has not been exceeded by 12 months. If the strap is provided with an AGON QR code, the production date and possibly date of commissioning is downloaded electronically.

If annual color marking is used, the following colors apply:

  • 2014 Blue
  • 2015 Red
  • 2016 Green
  • 2017 Gul
  • 2018 Blue
  • 2019 Red
  • Etc.…

White means discarded?

A wire consists of the following components:

Core is the core, or in the Danish heart, which can consist of plastic or a steel wire. The individual threads are in English called wire, Several threads together are called a cloth, or in English a beach, in German Litze. The finished wire consists of a heart, as mentioned in steel or plastic, around which the individual wires are wound. The heart is usually of the types: FC (natural or synthetic fiber, Fiber Core) or WSC (steel heart, Wire Strand Core). The IWRC is an independent steel rope with a fiber heart or WSC. FC heart is often used for wire straps, as it is particularly flexible.