EU declaration of incorporation

CE-marked Lifting equipment 

This product can be used as part of CE-marked lifting assembly. It must not be put into service until the full assembly

Into which it is incorporated has been declared in conformity with the provisions of 2006/42/EC

Lifting Components

We declare that the delivered CE-marked lifting equipment follows the provision of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EU

AGON hereby declare that the products delivered are in accordance with national and international standards: EN 1492-1, EN 1492-2, EN 13414-1, EN 13414-2, EN 13414-3, EN 818-1, EN 818-4

We hereby declare that the following indicated equipment meets the fundamental health and safety requirement concerning the EU – guidelines, due to their design and manufacture. In case of an uncoordinated modification, this declaration automatically expires.