Creative and solution-oriented

AGON Engineering A/S is an independent company in the AGON family. We work to create an efficient production flow, primarily for AGON´’s customers but also in a broader sense.

In Engineering, we develop machines and tools to optimize your production. We are your creative, innovative and solution-oriented partner who adheres to the same values as the rest of the AGON family.

Standard and custom solutions

AGON Engineering is driven by the needs of our customers. On that basis, we develop customized solutions but also brand new and groundbreaking products.

The characteristic of all our solutions is – that they contribute to creating a more efficient production flow and thus a more profitable and safe production for our customers.

We can adapt our standard solutions, or develop new solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our focus is to create added value for our customers. We can contribute with increased efficiency, safety and automated production.

AGON Engineering’s products are produced in-house and are characterized by high quality. Our agile organization means that we can easily adapt, and thus provide the best service and the best products on time.


We have been in the business for many years, which means we know our customers and understand their needs. We know that functionality, quality and on time delivery are of high importance.

We are always ready to help you!


Whether we talk about standard products or the development of new solutions, we always ensure that we understand the customer’s needs and offer the right and most effective solution.

We go the extra mile to have satisfied customers and provide the best service.



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Equipment made by AGON Engineering