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The AGON Engineering stirrup conveyer

Here’s a little about why we are so excited about this:

Our engineering department has developed a stirrup conveyer, purposely built for safe handling of stirrups. It increases production and reduces the operators movement – i.e. no bending is required, since the conveyer is height and speed adjustable to fit any operators workflow.

The specific conveyer in the pictures attached is built around an 800mm wide rubber belt suitable for tough handling. It is 2m long and can be loaded with stirrup from three faces. From the side, from the end and from the opposite side. It can be adjusted and adapted in every conceivable way, and can be made specifically to fit your needs. We can as an example make the belt wider and longer. Just reach out and we will be able to help you.

The conveyor is made to improve both your working environment and productivity. The belt will not only ensure that your operator is moved away from the dangerous cutting and bend head, but also provide the operator with a buffer function, and if placed correctly limit repetitive motions and body twist. Thereby reducing stress on the operators body.

Using the AGON conveyer will increase your productivity up to 30% (based on field test), improve ergonomics with 100% and reduce noise emission up to 25%. 

The AGON stirrup conveyer is also designed to be used with the AGON Big Bag holder, also developed by AGON Engineering, which can be connected directly to the conveyer, for effortless filling of Big Bags.


Kent Hedemann, CEO

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