Alternative to Robot!

I cannot hide my enthusiasm for this conveyor developed by AGON Engineering!

Here’s a little about why I’m so excited:

This operator has the coolest smile on his face, as he is now at a safe distance from the dangerous part of the machine. The operator also welcomes the fact that he affects his body with less strain; less stress and less tiring twists of the body and a working height that always fits.

The management is also happy because even the highest production rate on the machine is no problem for the operator now.

This conveyor from AGON Engineering has been developed for the purpose and is therefore perfectly suited to the task and can be adjusted and adapted in every conceivable way.

For simple stirrups, a Big Bag holder, also developed by AGON Engineering, can be connected directly to this conveyor. Even large and complicated stirrups and production with double wire is no challenge for the AGON´’s conveyor.


Kent Hedemann, CEO

See also our article about the journey from traditional pallets to big bags. AGON big bag concept.

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