Extended production guarantees delivery!

AGON’s delivery security is your safety 🛠

Our customers have, in an otherwise difficult time with logistical challenges, experienced an unsurpassed high level of delivery reliability. We have ensured this through the expansion of our production facilities to full production capacity in two different and geopolitically separated Asian countries and a European production, for smaller orders.

The quality is guaranteed by the German safety institute TÜV. The safety institute has inspected our production facilities and quality systems, made type approvals and issued a safety certificate. AGON slings will thus be marked with this quality stamp, which is your guarantee of safety and top-class quality.

To get there, AGON has over the past 20 years built up knowledge and experience around production in China. About 5 years ago, we assessed that in order to secure our customers in a future situation, we had to build up full production capacity in another Asian country. A country separated from China in terms of transport technology and geopolitics.

Partner in AGON Kasper Hedemann has been responsible for the new venture for the past 2 years and we are now proud to have reached our goal 🤝

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