New Big Bag product from AGON

It is deep within AGON’s DNA that we must help strengthen our customers’ competitiveness.

This is also reflected in our vision and values!

That is why we have developed a big bag concept that is well thought out. Beginning with the products leaving the production until they end up at customer site. Read more about the concept in this article.

One of the concerns the market has, about using big bags is – whether it is environmentally sound? And the answer is – YES!
To document this, AGON has through a extensive carbon footprint analysis, been able to show large CO2 savings by switching from pallets with pallet frames to AGON big bags.

Focus on the customer

Now AGON is taking two additional steps to strengthen our customers.:

Firstly: AGON has developed a extra robust big bag. The product is targeted at customers who produce reinforcement bars. Reinforcement bars can have sharp edges, so these products requires super tough resistance to puncture of the big bag. For this purpose, AGON has developed a big bag that is up to 45% more resistant to perforation. The product can of course also be used for other purposes where a particularly robust big bag is needed.

Secondly: Through targeted development work, AGON has succeeded to use over 30% recycled material in its big bags. This is a huge step in the direction of more sustainable products. AGON has again, through targeted development work, brought itself to the forefront, as AGON is the first provider in Europe to offer this environmentally friendly recycled product!

For more information please contact Kasper Hedemann: or by phone +45 7020 9840.

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