AGON® has been synonymous with production expertise for more than 20 years.

We seek not only to deliver the big bag alone, but also solutions and systems that help you as a customer become more efficient and productive. Read, among other things, our article about the transition from traditional pallets to big bags which for AGON® is a clear “no-brainer”.

That is why we have also developed specific products that support the use of big bags. See more here:


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Big bags (AGON extra durable)

AGON® is one of the most reliable FIBC suppliers and thus your preferred choice of supplier. With us, you know that the item arrives on time and that the item is of the highest quality.

Below you will find some of the standard sizes of big bags we can supply from stock. If you are looking for other size, design or have special requirements we can help you with that too!

Read our guide on how to choose the right big bag here.

We can also help you If you have custom requirements or wishes for the product. Please contact us here >>

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