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Big bag holder

AGON Engineering’s big bag holder gives you a simple but effective tool for using big bags in your production. By combining big bags with the traditional EURO pallet, AGON has created a unique setup. The big bag gives you a cheap container for your products, and the EURO pallet ensures easy internal handling with e.g. forklift. This means that all your existing production tools can be reused. When loading on the truck, only the big bag is loaded. The pallet back at the production site and is used only as an internal transport tool. This can save a lot of money on pallet return, internal logistics, invoicing etc. in connection with the return of pallets and pallet frames. Read more about our unique “from pallets to big bags” setup here.

The big bag holder is of course intended to keep the big bag open while it is being filled. The holder’s unique spring-loaded lock also makes it possible to lock the holder to the pallet and secure it correctly ergonomic working height for operator if the bag is loaded manually. The big bag holder can also be used in combination with our Stirrup conveyor with which automatic filling of big bags can be achieved.

For our big bag holder, we have developed special bags with the dimensions 120x80x50cm (full size EURO pallet) and 60x80x50cm (half size EURO pallet).

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