See our coil gripper in action.

Inside coil gripper

AGON Engineering’s inside coil gripper is a unique piece of equipment! Again, AGON Engineering delivers a tool that improves the safety of your workers and improves your production efficiency.

The gripper is fitted with rubber pads that grips the coil from the inside. The unique design of the pads ensures high grip reliability and protects the steel bands from damage. Because of the pads, the gripper can grip anywhere in the coil which results in a quick and efficient workflow for the crane operator and the following processing.

The gripper depicted is rated for WLL of 6 tons. If your coils are of a different size, we can easily configure our tool to match your needs! Just let us know.. Contact us here.

The gripper is engineered with reliability, usability, and long lifetime in mind. All verified during extensive field testing in harsh weather conditions. A quality product!

The gripper comes fully CE approved and is designed and tested according to applicable EU standards.

The following accessories are available for the gripper:


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