AGON® has been synonymous with production expertise for more than 20 years.

We seek not only to deliver the big bag alone, but also solutions and systems that help you as a customer become more efficient and productive. Read, among other things, our article about the transition from traditional pallets to big bags which for AGON® is a clear “no-brainer”.

That is why we have also developed specific products that support the use of big bags. See more here:


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Movable big bag support

To make internal transportation easy for our customers, AGON® Engineering have developed this movable big bag support, capable of supporting a 1000kg load. The movable big bag support is availabel in many sizes and can be made in custom sizes as well, fitting every big bag.

The support features:

  • Low build height for optimal use of space between bending yoke and floor
  • Easy-release big bag eye fixings with height adjustability
  • Wooden base plate for high durability and sound reduction
  • Heavy duty build quality
  • Fitted with durable high quality castors

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