AGON® has been synonymous with production expertise for more than 20 years. We have built up a “second to none” quality management system at all levels, and the quality is documented in the test certificates and follows the product all the way to the place of use via our unique QR documentation system. Several of our products are self-developed and protected against copying. That is why our customers trust the AGON® brand.

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Reinforced Endless Slings

– Reinforced slings, long life!

Endless slings from AGON® can be ordered as AGON REINFORCED™ . These are reinforced slings, which in tests show up to 100% longer life. The longevity, held up at an additional cost of around 30 %, makes it worth considering.

The reinforced slings are based on a patent-protected system, developed by AGON®, which makes the reinforcement particularly resistant to sharp edges and wear.

When you buy lifting slings from AGON®, you as a customer, automatically get access to our AGON® ALL INCLUSIVE service. Read more about it here.

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