Stirrup conveyor 2.0

AGON Engineering’s stirrup conveyor 2.0

is our newest addition to the series of tools to handle rebar in an efficient and safe way.

We have built upon the learnings and experience from the original AGON stirrup conveyor – purpose build for handling of stirrups.

This new conveyor features all the benefits from the original conveyor but in a different layout and at a lower cost.

The benefits are:

  • Height adjustable to fit each operator
  • Tilt down to 520mm above floor level
  • Nylon conveyor bed for reduced sound emissions and durability
  • Nylon chute for reduced sound emissions and durability
  • Speed adjustable motor
  • Tough rubber belt
  • Wired remote and foor pedel for easy control

A versatile rebar conveyor to increase efficiency and improve safety!

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