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Stirrup conveyor

AGON® Engineering’s unique stirrup conveyor is the sensible choice when it comes to safe handling of stirrup.

The conveyor removes the operator from direct contact with the bending machine and relieves the operator ergonomically with the stepless height and tilt adjustment from ~ 700mm to ~ 1200mm. The operator’s stress level is also considerably reduced due to the stepless speed control of the belt. Here, the belt acts as a buffer between the bending machine and the operator.

The conveyor can also be used for automatic filling of big bags or pallets in combination with our bag holder. Also read our article about the journey from traditional pallets to big bags here.

The flexible side and rear slide ensures an unobstructed transport of the stirrup to the operator or container. In addition, the chute material also has a sound-absorbing effect and has a high wear resistance.

The conveyor design eliminates squeezing hazards for the operator or jamming of stirrups.

As a packing table, and thus without motor operation, the conveyor can be loaded with up to 200 kg.

Swivel castors in all four corners ensure easy placement of the machine at the bending machine.

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